Spring Session 2017

Preparing for the Spring Session

The preparations for the spring session are under way!  It’s been very exciting to set up Camp, and to work on various lesson plans.  There is potential for so much learning!  Hide-tanning, cooking with hot rocks, camouflage stalking games, edible and medicinal plants, making and practicing with hunting weapons, shelter building.. these just of the few activities that are in the works.

The land is absolutely beautiful!  Meadows, deep hardwood forests, flowing streams, tracks of turkey and deer..  The camp itself is not far from the parking lot, yet tucked away, giving us a sense of remoteness.  I really look forward to the exploring.

At this point it is unclear how many students will attend (first classes for the two age groups are this coming weekend – April 1st and 2nd), but now matter how many or how few, we will learn much in the way of wilderness skills, and have lots of fun!

Here is some of the plan as to what’s going to happen during classes this weekend.  Subject to change!

We are going to do a little get-to-know each other activity, and then get a tour of the camp.
We will learn about how to set up the floor or a wilderness shelter, considering insulation and sanitation, and then do some of that in the teepee.
At the hide tanning station, we will get some practice scraping hides, and talk about hide-tanning.
We will go for a jaunt in the words, explore, and play some stealthy sneaking games.
During lunch, I will demonstrate a bow-drill fire, and a little pot-less egg cooking.
After lunch we will go on a walk about and learn a bit about currently available plants and what they can be used for, and play a game.
We will wrap up with an introduction to stealthy walking and movement, and do a solitary sit-spot activity, followed by a sharing of what we learned and experienced.

And here are some pictures of the camp.. waiting to greet its future guests!


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