Program Offerings

What to Expect

Each class will be unique, with subject material based around the weather, season, and needs of the group. A multitude of hands-on skills such as bow-drill fire-making, shelter-building, hide-tanning, trap-making, cordage-making, basketry, and collecting and preparing wild foods will be interwoven with games of attunement and awareness, teamwork, stealth, orienteering, tracking, plant-study, sit-spots, story-telling, songs, and much more.  Respect forms the core of every activity.  Students bring their own lunch and snacks, and parents are welcome to stay and observe/participate.

Sample Schedule

  • 9:00AM Students arrive and immediately jump into an ongoing awareness game.  When everyone is gathered, the class circles up and everyone checks-in about nature experiences they’ve had that week. We close circle-time by singing a song or stretching.
  • 9:15AM We go on a follow-the-leader run in the woods, with the students taking turns leading the group through challenging terrain.
  • 9:40AM We arrive at our base camp, which is a shelter that was built by the class at a previous session, and take a drink of water.
  • 9:50AM The class starts a new craft: practicing making and using bow-drill kits.  Knife safety is taught and stressed.
  • 10:20PM We play a team awareness game which involves crawling through the brush and hiding.  After the game is over, the students grab their nature journals and spread out in the woods for a little quite “sit-spot” time where they learn to be present and observant.
  • 10:50PM We gather again and share what we experienced.
  • 11:00PM  We go on a tracking walk, where we find new tracks and discuss animal behavior and movement patterns.  If the weather has turned rainy, we might opt to hang out in our shelter and work on a skill instead, perhaps making inner-bark cordage or grass matts.
  • 11:40PM  At the end, we gather in our central camp area, and go around sharing what we experienced and learned through the day. We partake in some wild food gathered during a previous class and prepared ahead of time.  The students are given a “homework” assignment “ex: sneak up on a dog or a cat; find a new place for a sit spot; identify and journal about a new plant”.
  • 12:00PM Students leave.  Later Alex sends out an update describing the day’s activities.